Wishing All A Happy Chinese New Year:)



These are some of the dishes I had with family and friends during this year’s Rooster Year. Had a lot of good food this year! BTW I won’t be posting anymore student artworks here cos after few years it kind of becomes banal and generic?? haha



Anyway this site is suppose to be a blog as well, so i am actually intending to start posting more of other things like this one in the common area. Also more on my travel plans is on the way. This year is going to be an interesting new year with lots of travelling which I am really excited and looking forward to. So i am going to share more on those later on when the details becomes more concrete! ;P


The raw food were all meant for steamboat..so fresh and yummy!!!


Utterly-Art-EDM/ Artapart/ 9th-Edition


The biannual Art Apart Fair is perhaps one of the very interesting art events to look forward to during the Singapore Art Week and especially even more so to being a part of it which I am!😊😍 This following write up was by Dr. Pwee of Utterly Art Gallery..

Joseph Ng – Dragon Lady 2016 acrylic on canvas 122cm x 122cm

If you’re attending Art Apart’s reception at the Pan Pacific Orchard lobby, you’ll notice an arresting portrait of a Dragon Lady surrounded by her menagerie of fabulous creatures. Bedecked in glittering finery as only a queen should be, her fearsome coterie protect, awe and intimidate simultaneously on sight.


Executed by Utterly Art’s resident artist in his debut showing of work, Joseph Ng’s subject interests for painting include mythological creatures, fantasy… and food!


Self-taught in painting, Joseph studied 3D animation, and was a 3D lighting and compositing artist in Korean animations such as Gon Dinosaur, Arpo Robot, Noonbory The Super Seven and Sofia Princess. Presently, Joseph is an Art Educator who was featured on Channel News Asia’s Singapore Tonight as an emerging artist last year.

125x85 EatDrink

Eat Drink 2016 acrylic on canvas
91cm x 122cm 

Joseph’s first completed painting Eat Drink (above) was showcased on Singapore Tonight, together with an incomplete second Japanese Wonderland (below). The works show a fascination with Japanese food, culture and script.

101x122 Japan Wonderland

Japanese Wonderland 2016
acrylic on canvas
122cm x 100cm

This cornucopia of seafood represents the bounty of the Northern ocean, destined ultimately for fine dining the world over. From left to right, the words read tuna, Hokkaido and live seafood.

125x85 RecklessEncounter

Reckless Encounter 2016 acrylic on canvas 91cm x 122cm 

One could interprete this work as the threat of a powerful Northern neighbour against smaller, weaker entities who would do their best to cultivate friendly allies. Or one could read it simply as the battle of a dragon against a bear?cat. The currency of the situation is manifested in the appearance of a pokeball.