Art Apart Fair: 10th Edition



My painting entitled “Chimera” (or Chimaera) is actually a greek word for “貔貅”, in Chinese, meaning a Chinese mythical hybrid creature considered a powerful protector and an influential and auspicious creature for wealth. It is said to have a voracious appetite towards only gold, silver and jewels. Therefore, traditionally to the Chinese, this creature has always been regarded as an auspicious creature that possessed mystical powers capable of drawing “財氣” (wealth) from all directions. Because of this, according to Chinese zodiac, it is especially helpful for those who are going through a bad year. For those going through a good year it makes it even better.


This year’s Art Apart finally reached its 10th season. Previous years it was held in hotels. This time its moved on to huge Bungalows, thanks to our wonderful and resourceful organizers. I showed my work with my gallery Utterly Art who took over one of the Bungalow strata units no.24.

I made a few new friends in the fair who are really encouraging and wonderful. I am quite happy with everyone’s comments on my work which i have gathered; that it is “gory and cute” at the same time  which was precisely what i had hoped this particular piece of work is able to achieve, not that i am that intentional about it, or maybe i am, albeit even if unknowingly?😜

The gory part represents the world as we live in right now; its not perfect but flawed and chaotic and sometimes even scary and gory especially with all the violence and senseless killings in our world today it can be so mind boggling and depressing just to think about it 😞

The other day for the don’t know how many times, again, I witnessed people killing people on Facebook videos it’s actually being captured all on a mobile phone and broadcasted in Facebook that went viral 😱😥 However shortly it was removed, similar to the previous one I have seen. I suppose someone must have reported it because the contents of the video was too disturbing. I have seen so many of such videos the past few years on social media.

The video showed grim graphic details of how a gagged captive was being tormented moments before his death. In the video, i witnessed how the victim was brutally cut up by its tormentor while still alive and how the tormentor was literarily looking into the helpless captive victim’s eyes with disdain and indignation while senselessly slicing and hacking his body away with a knife and with so much hate, which only a man who had lost his sanity will have towards his enemy, and then he even proceeded to ripping out his captive’s guts and heart from latter’s ribcage by force after cutting thru layers of his victim’s flesh revealing all the internal organs even as latter was still alive and struggling to free himself but in futility. 😵🤮

The video even detailed how the tormentor taunted and toyed with his victim’s internal organs while they were dangling from his body with the victim consciously trying to fend him off with his badly mutilated and bounded up torso in vain. I could only hear the victim’s faint, helpless, hysterica, painful gaspings.

No matter how hard he struggled his murderer just won’t stop but kept stabbing his torso and cutting him and literarily squashing his innerds one by one nonstop for a long time until he finally stopped breathing.

The torture took quite a while cos somehow the victim did not die instantly but endured the excruciating pain as he watched his own body being mutilated right before his own eyes right before dying. That was extremely disturbing, painful and devastating to watch it really made my heart sink to rock bottom almost instantaneously. 😭 It’s like some sort of mental punishment having that gripping heart ripping scene playing out over and over again in my mind afterwards as I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. It’s definitely not some sort of Hollywood special effects movie but real.

In the video I could actually see his heart beating outside of his body after it was ripped out. It only stopped beating when his tormentor finally decided to end it by nailing it onto his own ribcage with a knife —- captured in such close proximity it left me breathlessly gagging and frozen in horror I couldn’t believe what I saw at first and I couldn’t continue watching it but immediately had to turn my face away as the graphic content was simply too much to take.

I can only imagine how horrifying and devastating it must have been for the victim. And it made me ask myself “where is God in all of these?” Even until now that mental image still continued to grip and haunt me like some sort of cockroach that refuse to go away.

Hence life can sometimes be downright difficult, tormenting and depressing especially for some who are so unfortunate as to be caught in such a situation one cannot simply refuse but become utterly powerless to. Sadly however sometimes life chose us rather than the other way around. It often give what we did not want. In our faiths, we are often taught to trust life. To trust God. To appreciate what we have and accept what we cannot change. But how does one ever learn to trust God and appreciate being treated this way? Especially when it leads to the destruction of our temples and ultimately death like in this case? How how how.🤔

Nothing can ever prepare a person for a thing like this. Nothing can be compared to what those victims went through. Nothing can ever justify such heinous causes no matter what the motivation is behind it for only the devil will know??🤔🤫

In someways I feel grateful coz my life hasn’t reach such a point whereby I had to deal with something like this—At least not yet! Thankfully and hopefully never ever!!! For that, I am eternally grateful. In some weird and thwarted ways this video made me feel gratefulness for the life God has given me no matter how difficult, harsh or even convoluted it can be sometimes.

As i try to look closer at the things I hold dear to my hearts in my immediate life such as love and even friendship, suddenly I felt that my life is really not bad after all.

These were the things that were constantly in my mind while i was doing this piece of artwork. Hence my work is nothing like any sort of direct intention to reach out to people with a direct message— but perhaps an indirect one, if that’s even considered any intention at all.

If there was even any intention at all on my side, it’s probably trying to mask out all the horrible and inept feelings I have about life sometimes through something that is cute while yet not forgetting life is not all sweet and roses but it can suddenly turn nasty and merciless on us at any point when we least expect it and no matter how prepared or unprepared we are. The victim sure as hell did not prepare themselves for a thing like that and neither he want it— I am sure!

The cute part is also what makes me happy and puts a smile on my face in the midst of all the turmoil and upheaval in our world. It makes me suddenly and temporarily forget about all the horrible things that people can actually do to each other.

So if you see more gore and grim in my painting then maybe you have seen some pretty messed up staff in our humanity and in your lifetime and that messy shit might actually be starting to weigh you down a little. But if you find it more cute than gory then chances are u are (still) pretty unwavering in terms of faith and your dreams in your own life and on our fellow man kind.