Educator’s Footnote 2018

Teaching within a school setting has always been something i really enjoy doing as something like a meaningful, somewhat even joyful, distraction from the mundanes of an artist. Nevertheless teaching can be an extremely humbling experience from time to time and certainly not an easy task🙃😁

It sometimes feels like as though going back in time again as that small little boy i was used to be– but of course now as an adult mentor/elder to them its no longer quite the same🤣😜😝🤗

In retrospect, often in fact the school is not just a place of learning and nostalgia but its also a very vibrant place of constant new self discoveries and even self-renewal and/or re-charging🙏🏻😉😊

In the past i was used to be so routine in posting every single pic of my students’ artwork here. However now, due to time constraints, i am required to be more selective in my postings so i have no choice but to choose only some, and not all, to show😞😔😓

So sorry and apologies to my dear children who are closely following all my blog posts and those who even come up to me in public and greeted me, you all really touched my heart! Sorry if i couldn’t remember you immediately! 😘😘

Also, to those of you children who have actually found your own ways to my webpage via google (not that i am surprise;P) its been such privilege and joy teaching you all!😁😃😄😆

BIG thanks and BIG shout out!!!😃😆 Also kudos to the teachers who have been patient enough to guide, impart and share your knowledge and experience with me in the course of my past 5 years educating art. Sometimes I feel the day-to-day job of teacher is really not easy at all so i have the greatest respect for full-time teachers and salute to you all!:)


The duration of the art programs here range from daily to weekly to monthly..

1. P4 Mixed Media 2D Tile (A4 size) and 3D Sculpture (100cm tall), a grand sculpture titled  “Sky Crystal”:


Every piece of cardboard that made up this towering 3D sculpture is personally designed and hand painted by the students so its unique– possibly my most favourite piece of student artwork by far 🙂

2. P6 Manga Drawing using pencil and with shading:

3. Animal PaperMache & Land Art for P2:

4. Peranakan Batik Painting:

5. Acrylic Painting on Paper Mache on Singapore Iconic Buildings for Primary 3 :

6. Ceramics Coiling Program for Primary 5:

7. Props Colouring for P6-Stage Production of Charlie Chocolate Factory which I helped in facilitating the colouring of these props for a P6 class:

8. 3D Pen Doodling program for primary 6 level:

9. Ink Making for secondary students:


10. Primary 2 Ceramics (pinching and slabwork)

11. P5 Charcoal Drawing:


Primary 5 charcoal drawing

12. P2 Clay Coaster pinching (fired):


Primary 2 Ceramics: Coaster

13. P5 Photojournalism (The theme is “Singapore Together”):


This group’s shot is pretty cool:)


Primary 5: photojournalism on Together Singapore

14. 3D-Pen Face Portrait Doodling For Primary 1:

15. P3 pinched vessel (fired):

16. P5 Heroes Ceramics tiles (fired):


Primary 5 Ceramics: SuperHero Tiles

17. 3D-Pen Basics For Primary 5:

18. ITE drawing:


ITE manga drawing

19. P1 Paper Pop Art:

20. December Holiday Art Enrichment program (oil pastel, water colour, acrylic, colour pencil, charcoal):

21. Following are the Digital Programs eg. Scratch software training, game design etc:

22. Paper Cut-Out Stopmotion Animation:

23. This is a 3-Day long colouring program on wall mural which I helped facilitate the participation of students, teachers and even parent-volunteers:

24. Live fruit drawing Program for primary 5:

25. P3 Batik program (SG Architecture and Flora themed):

26. P5 Plasticine Clay Tile relief (10cmX10cm):


27. P6 Monotone (Coloring) Currency Design:

28. P6 Batik Program (flora-themed):

29. P4 Game Design: Students were taught how to design a simple Snake & Ladder Game:

30. Polyclinic Wall Mural Making Program involving several schools and government organisation and the commissioned 9metres long Rainforest-themed ceramics tiled wallmural will be mounted in JurongWest Polyclinic in January 2018:

31. Primary 5 Batik Program on paper and on fabric (Tjanting is using cold wax):

32. P2 PAL Program “How We Feel Affect People Around Us”:

33. Pot making program for primary 3 (fired):

34. CHIJ Brush Lettering and 3D pen

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