Summer In Europe 2017

I wanna share some pics from my recent Europe tour in Zagreb, Varazdin, Plitvice, Zadar, Split, Trogir, Korcula, Bol, Dubrovnik, Kotor Montenegro, Perast, Cetinje, herceg Novi, Mostar, Sarajev, London..

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2017 Travel Plans


Today is only the 8th day of Chinese Lunar New Year and many changes are slowly unfolding. There is an air of excitement and joy all around. Feel as though something unusual is going to happen this year; an extremely mysterious yet interesting year. So anyway once again Happy Chinese Lunar New Year Of The Rooster!!!

So this is my travel plan for this year. I may be adding more and more destinations to here later on but so far these are the confirmed ones. This is definitely going to be one of the most interesting years with lots of places to go and visit and sightsee.

February without doubt is going to be Tokyo (东京) visiting the Tsukiji fish market one last time before its closure and relocation. Also along with Tsukiji and a heavy work schedule, will also try to touch-and-go to the following places:

1. Shibuya – for hip shopping and fashion
2. Stone bridge – interesting historical monument
3. Tokyo national museum
4. Takeshita Dori street – famous for “harajuku crepes” and its walking street with lotsa people in cosplay costumes
5. Sensoji Temple – famous temple to visit, snack shops and gift shops
6. Aleta Yokocho market (next to Ueno station and park) – got everything: shoes, clothes, army stuff, snacks, bags etc
7. Meiji Shinto shrine – Meiji jingu
8. Sumo stadium – nice wall murals and sumo sculptures, super delicious sumo feast call “Chankonabe”
9. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden- famous beautiful gardens worth going (fee $200¥)
10. Ginza – good for shopping
11. Yurakucho Train Station – under rail way, lots of good food!
12. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices – incredible 360 degree paranomic view at 45 floor observatory (FREE) and lots of gift shops there!
13. Tsukiji fish market – fresh sushi and opposite market got many good eateries
14. Edo Tokyo museum
15. Akihabara Electric Town/ gamers town
16. Tokyo Stock Exchange Museum
17. Roppongi – famous night life and daytime got modern Mori Art Museum got sky view observatory
18. Odaiba City Entertainmemt Island – legoland, restaurants
19. Yoyogi park – huge crows, strolling, walks
20. Nezu- nezu shrine.. old japan and very quiet and charming, snake road (many good stalls and interesting retail)
21. Onsen, public bath – required to strip naked!!! OMG
22. Mount Takao – trail walking and sight seeing


The air ticket and accommodation for Japan have already been confirmed. So thats a major relief👏🙏👍😊😜

May period will as ever be dedicated to HongKong (香港). So looking forward to see 黑黑 again! Also Oyster Bay for fresh seafood feast! Also more to collect! nu*happy thoughts* 😀


HongKong flight is also confirmed😜😘😍miss HeiHei soup!!!😋

June will mostly be spent in Europe again. Last year was Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Istanbul. This year will be a different region but East-Central Europe nonetheless and this round will be staying much longer period. These will be the places on the Europe itinerary..
-Zagreb (萨格勒布),
-Croatia (克罗地亚),
-Zadar (扎达尔),
-Split (分裂),
-Dubrovnik (杜布罗夫尼克),
-Kotor (科托尔),
-Montenegro (黑山),
-Sarajevo (萨拉热窝),
-Bosnia (波斯尼亚)
-Herzegovina (黑塞哥维那)


Flight for London and Zagreb is also confirmed at British Airways😘😍😍 so wondeful🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂


Upon reaching Zagreb, this is our direction and route of advancement: starting from Zagreb along the coastline of Adriatic Sea, round Bosnia and Herzegovina, and back to Zagreb again:)


Our Airline tickets for Singapore-London and London-Zagreb has been confirmed. In depth research and planning will be required  for this really lengthily tedious trip ahead😜