Nothing can compare to spending Christmas in Egypt, a civilization that spanned over more than 5000 years old.

Egypt is simply awesome spectacular!!!😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Touching down in Cairo, we took a shipcruise, down the River Nile, first to Giza where I ride a camel for the very first time, then we went to Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor where we hop onto a hotair balloon and flew over the Valleys of Kings and Queens, and then we sailed to Hurghada where we scuba-dive into the Red Sea..

Eventually we ended up in the magnificent Alexandria, a place I am so proud n loooove to call MYHOME 💓💓❤️❤️💋💋💕💖💗💔 #OMG #sounrequitted

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Enjoy our pics..

Hotair Balloon, Luxor, Egypt.. The climate is so cool but being under the firing canister in the hot air balloon actually makes u feel very warm.. we flew over the Valleys of the Kings and Queens and Nobles. It was such a breath taking experience!

Never like to buy souvenirs overseas but Egypt changed my perception forever. Its also one of the very fun parts of the tour cos u get to connect with local Egyptians which is very nice..

I must be an Egyptian in my previous lives cos I was able to ride the camel with apparent ease and the Egyptians even gave me a thumbs up for my good camel riding skills when we were camel riding in Giza:D actually when u are up there, as the camel is so tall, and mine was an adult one, its almost 3 metres above the ground and the ground was littered with camel poo everywhere and the fear of falling is always there cos u have no harness to secure you except u can only hold onto a knob on top of the harness that is over the camel. Imagine falling from that sort of dizzying heights–or worse, into a pile of camel poop! That’s no longer fun anymore:( Luckily didn’t see anyone really falling off a camel but only saw a few women almost close to gliding off the camel’s back that’s all;P

Another most memorable experience is in the CAVES seaside resort while in Hurghada where we scuba dive in the Red Sea. I got my special RedSeaDiver’s@Hurghada hooded Jersey as a reward from diving in the red sea in Hurghada. I love that jersey!!! CAVES is the most wonderful resort i hope to go back again one day and stay there longer. A woman from Poland told us she and her mom love it so much that that’s their 12th time there! The temperature in winter is 12-20 degrees celcius which is excellent cos its so cool and breezy and that makes a huge difference to our Egypt experience. Coming to Egypt in summer is not recommended at all. The heat wave is probably going to drive u insane.

Boat-to-boat retailing: First time ever bought something this way.. a small boat jus clinched itself to the side of our cruiser and then they jus started calling out to attract attention of occupants of the cabins.. I think only we dared to respond to them cos most of them probably too afraid after hearing one elderly Indian man from our group got robbed by an Egyptian yesterday in the bazaar. The tour guide also gave posts warning and tales anyway i jus waved at them anyway.. once u wave at them they will reel towards you.. then next they tossed a few packs of their merchandises up into our cabin thru the window and then after checking and inspecting the goods we start negotiating and finally when both parties agree upon a figure and happy and satisfied with it, we just put the money into one of the packages which we dun wan and then jus toss it back down to them. We got two nice huge Egyptian table clothes. Each comes with like 20 little napkins. This is how such boat to boat shopping transactions can be done on board a cruiser in a place like Egypt. I miss the cruise cos its so wonderful. Our cabin is so nice. Even without the AC its cool enough. When u open the window, its even nicer cos cool breeze will come in. I even got to cosplay in my Egyptian attire in the cabin. The energy inside the cabin is so homely, lovely and sweet I can stay in there forever!;P

In Europe we ever experienced something almost similar to this but not as wild as this! The experience is pretty exciting and interesting. Pretty amazing too considering it being so risky cos they might never get it back once they throw it over and those packages and money might also end up falling into the river. I torn the sleeve of my new shirt while trying to grab the package cos my sleeve got caught in the sharp point of the window 😢😢 so upsetting😭

Day trip to Alexandria, one of our very favorites.. we had such a wonderful reception there.. really wish one day can go back there again and stay there longer..

‎The Saladin Citadel of Cairo قلعة صلاح الدين….‎

We also went to the very famous market Khan el-Khalili and El Muizz Street in Cairo, Egypt. El Muizz street has some of the most beautiful and exquisite patch work handicrafts and embroidery but try not to be fooled when the shop owner tells u its his mother who made everything in order to justify the prices he is quoting to you. When there is 50 pieces of the same design, its probably more likely that its mass-produced in the factory but however it maybe sound more exclusive and precious (hence expensive) when they say its hand made by their mother. So its important to be more discerning and perceptible as not to be easily hoodwinked. In el-Khalili, we went to explore both the local and touristy parts but the things in the more local regions are generally cheaper and the locals there wont try to over jack the prices by too much. So do not try to over bargain. In the more touristy regions, its wiser to bargain. When the vendor quote like 1000EqyptianPounds for something made from cotton, although Egyptian cotton is the best in the world, u may want to start bargaining at 150-200 cos generally I feel they will jack up the prices by 4-5 times the original retail price when it comes to selling to tourists. But as to what sort of technique to use, whether soft method or hard method or when to start to haggle, it really depends on your experience and your grasp of the situation. In another touristy shop, we bargained until my partner went berserk on me, the tensions were so high as we were running out of time and the tour bus is moving off so he stormed off and I ended up in a situation whereby I could haggle for a quick good price– as a result from 1700EP, I got one of my Egyptian attire for only 300EP. We managed to get plenty of very good deals and had lots of fun in the whole entire bargaining and haggling process. Its certainly something that’s fun and part of the nice trip. So do not be held back from it or get intimidated by having to bargain or counter quote back to the vendor constantly so as to get the price u want. In the end always try to make the vendor happy too so that the process will be like a win-win and enjoyable. If u are nice to them they will also not want to reap you off but treat you like a friend and the experience wont be so stressful and you can leave with a sweet experience and nice friends in which u will relish for a long time;D

Felfela is pretty special restaurant its business is always very good and packed with people we take-away from this restaurant quite abit so its something I like to remember here. Every trip, we will always have a particular place we visit pretty regularly for take-aways so for this trip in Egypt this is the one 😀