NgJoseph is currently a Resident Artist with Utterly Art Gallery.

Schooled in 3D Animation, his humble beginning was as a 3D Lighting&Compositing Artist in a series of korean children animations and then gradually because of his interest in teaching, he become a certified Art Educator with both National Arts Council as well as Ministry Of Education (as a certified AMIS trainer) specialising in pedagogy education in the visual art module.

Being an art teacher exposed him to many different interesting traditional fine art mediums such as various different inks and pigments, colours, textures, materials etc which was when and how i developed interest in traditional art forms.

To him, being a teacher is a privilege he will always cherish and it is meaningful and taught him many valuable things. He feel there is actually a very intimate chemistry between doing and teaching and both need to go hand in hand.

His passion is in the area of abstract art and mythological themed subjects.

From time to time, he would also dabble with a wide array of other art forms including ceramics, sculpture, paint, prints, animation etcetcetc..

Ngjoseph’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ngjosephng



Animal Sculpture

Animal Sculpture and pinching a soap dish, primary 5, student work, Unity Primary school




This wordpress page captures and showcase records of my students’ works, my work and my thoughts and even life at large


program materials i came up with for the students in Yuneng primary

On Teaching Animation: Occasionally I also do teach animation but only when there is a good viable lesson plan, adequate proper back end support and good logistic provisions as animation will always involve great amounts of front-and-backend preparations such as preparing/creating templates for every group and making every student feel engaged as such we are talking about hundreds of different templates (probably the first biggest killer for the teacher) unless the requirement is a generic one rather than something specific (in education and when talking about teaching huge groups of students who are this young, generic is always better than specific) or else templates relevance can be a big factor, students’  ability to handle cutting esp. for paper cut animation cos students always face problem cutting with scissors and the quality of their cutting may need additional touching up, heavy amounts of video editing and re-editing, emphasis on children-work versus adult-expectations which is when things can start to become a little bit tricky, good proper software support in that the required software needs to be installed on the school PCs before lesson begins and the softwares need to be relevant because i ever face a situation whereby even when the lesson has already commenced, the software is still not there and even finally after its being installed we realised its not working as such a lot of precious time was wasted. As such the software installed need to be relevant and working properly because special security permission and clearance is needed from the school’s technical department for re-installation which can take up to weeks and when this happen during lesson it can turn into a virtual nightmare as we will be looking at a class of 30-40 possibly restless and frustrated students who cannot complete their work in time because of all these issues. Hence in order to run a successful animation program, sometimes a operationally ready production studio may be needed other than just a team of dedicated teachers.

The “shoebox project” was especially meaningful as i hand painted about 50 such boxes which were meant for packing cheer gifts for the orphan children at Cambodia


I always enjoy meeting like-minded fellow educators in art who share the same passion and values as i do its always a joy talking with them:)

Drop me an note should you have any queries or feedbacks I can help. Thank you for your time. Feel free to continue to explore my home, related pages, blogs, links.

Best cheers!



Below are links to some of the animation productions which I have been personally involve in as a 3D lighting and compositing artist:




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