The trip to Xi’an in the Spring of 2019 has been a wonderful eye opening experience. Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi Province in China. Before it become Xi’an it was known as Chang’an and it was one of the oldest cities in China.

Chang’an was also oldest of the Four Great Ancient Capitals which held the position of the most important dynasties in Chinese history such as Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Sui, and Tang.

Xi’an is also the starting point of the Silk Road and home to the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, a World UNESCO heritage site, which is mainly what brought us here.

In the novel Journey To The West, Chang’an is also the city whereby TangSanZang, under the escort of his 3 disciples, were suppose to set off from.

Overall, Xi’an is so incredibly beautiful! Hope to return again soon!!!