CHRISTMAS Art Bootcamp 2013

Lesson 1: Character Design & Coloring

Day 1: Character Design & Coloring Using Acrylic Paint

Day 2: Robot Construction using recycled materials

Day 2: Robot Construction Using Recycled Paper

fantastic !

All the children’s work turn out fantastique!!! 😀

Day 3: Coloring Recycled Robot Using Acrylic Paint

Day 3: Coloring Recycled Robot Using Acrylic Paint

Day 4: Design & Create Christmas Gingerbread Monsters

Day 4: Design & Create Christmas Gingerbread Monsters

Day 5: Character Realisation & Fabrication

Day 5: Character Realisation & Fabrication: “roll the clay into a ball. Roll into the shape of an egg. Roll into the shape of a baby carrot. Tear drop.” were basically my instructions for them as these were the basic shapes that make up the baby bird. Instructions need to be really simple and easy to understand as they were all between nursery to k1, better still, have instructions that can immediately trigger off clear vivid mental images they are able to relate with, so as oso to enhance their learning. Also i kept emphasising over and over again to not hammer the clay or flatten until so thin like a pizza which they have a tendency to do so and can be fond of doing even. Also constant reminders not to over pull the clay as to avoid the messy ‘spider web’. I also taught them how to pinch clay, roll, mould, shape etc. bcos for the younger ones, their psychomotor skills are still not fully developed or started developing. I also made sure they maintain a “safe” visible distance away from their artwork in-process as not to accidentally damage their art work especially when they get excited during kneading as the clay is extremely soft. Also i made sure i check and closely supervise their work at every stage as to make sure the proportion, shape and positioning of all the birds’ body parts were correct and that every child receives the same amount of attention, care and supervision. I feel that for 3D modelling like this, especially organic shapes involved, plenty of classroom management is needed and I am glad everything turned out real well and they were all happy with the outcome of their learning😊

Intensive 5 Days Art Enrichment Camp